Bholu Bhakt Wants Proof ..

Me: You know, India is becoming increasingly unsafe for women, day by day.
Bholu Bhakt: Hah !!! Kuch Bhi !! India is very safe for women. Look at Saudi, Look at Pakistan, Look at Syria, Look at Germany…

Me: But I am an Indian, so I will look at Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, right?
Bholu Bhakt: All False news. It is meant to defame our country. You want to believe these fake prestitutes?

Me: But the News Agencies…
Bholu Bhakt: PAID MEDIA !!

Me: But …
Bholu Bhakt: Where is the Evidence?? Where is the Proof?

Me: Arey But….
Bholu Bhakt: #NotAllMen !!!

Me: Ummm okay okay….. You know Hanuman carried a mountain across half the length of the country so that the Sanjeevani booti could be obtained.
Bholu Bhakt: Yeah … Amazing no?? #Respect !!

Disclaimer: I wonder why we Indians find it so easy to believe Amar Chitra Katha than what is happening in the front of our own eyes?

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  1. Haha! I’m now a fan of Bholu Bhakt!


  2. Bholu Bhakt will be very happy


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