Entertainment is Peeing On Other People…….

Its amazing what our “Entertainment” has been reduced to.
Our serials are filled with Saas Bahu Dramas which are all about multiple affairs, beautiful sarees, housewives waking up with full make up on and successful businessmen spending their entire days at home wearing crisp Kurta Pajamas, without having to go to the office.
Our Comedy shows have become slapstick, where “Being Funny” basically means taking potshots at someone or the other, ridiculing them and making a loud and obnoxious wise crack in the end.
Our movies have the same story, same masala and have to be popularised by PR campaigns or random statements thrown in the Media to get some attention.

Our music has moved from “Gun Guna Rahe Hain Bhavra” to “DJ Waale Babu Mera Gaana Bajade”. Almost all the songs sound the same, are equally forgettable and the lyrics have gone for a toss out of the window, not that they matter at all.

And we have the new breed of Reality Shows, where peeing on other contestants apparently gets the guy pushed into a “Jail” rather than having his butt kicked and handed out to him, then and there. I wouldnt be too surprised if the entire thing was stage managed to increase the falling TRP ratings. But then again, what do you expect from a show which is basically based on the nosey concept of “Oye Wo Dekh Uske Ghar Mein Kya Chal Raha Hain”.

If we move on to our News Channels, the best we get to see are some lopsided, never ending arguments with people shouting at each other and the anchors shouting louder than the panelists, with no conclusion being reached in the end due to “lack of time”.

Actually, the very fact, that I have listed the “News Channels” in the same post which talks about “Entertainment” says a lot about the quality of the Media and the level of Journalism (or should I say Sensationalism?)
All said and done, it does appear that taking your smartphones and running around the town looking for PokeMons might just end up being the best form of Entertainment that we have in the coming years.
Disclaimer: On a side note, Arnab Goswami is planning to launch his news channel called Republic …. so #RIPpublic.

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