Anil Bokil is an Economist?? And I am Einstein :)

Just got a cocktail and dinner invitation from the a Commerce Chamber to listen to the talk with “Noted Economist Anil Bokil”
I shot them back an mail asking them, since when did Anil Bokil became an Economist?
Just because someone writes a paper on an Idealistic Alternate Economy model, he does not become an Economist.
Just because Modi has played the drums on a couple of occasions, I doubt he can be called a Musician.
Just because Salman Khan shot the Black Buck, he doesnt become an Ace Shooter…… ooops sorry, that never happened, but you get my point, right?
At the best Anil Bokil can be called as someone who has a pipe dream which is being lapped up by people on WhatsApp, the same people who also think that Mermaids were found, washed ashore, in Porbunder 😛
I guess, thats why it was a cocktail invitation, the drinks would surely help.
Disclaimer: You will never find yourself getting an invitation to listen to a talk from “Noted Literature Laureate: The Desi Cracked Pot” just because I write a few blogs on Facebook.

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