Was Demonetization a Success or a Failure?? The Jury is still out !!

Considering all the hot topics being discussed in the Media, for the last few weeks, like, Jallikattu, Sheena Bora case, Modi playing Gandhi, Arnab “Rip”ing the Public, so on and so forth, I would like to take this opportunity to ask Modi Sarkar some very related questions.
– How much Black Money was uncovered due to Demonetization?
– How much currency was returned back to the banks?
– Have the Babus and Government officials stopped asking for bribes?
– Have Counterfeiters given up their business and returned to Pakistan?
– Has Terrorism and Terrorist attacks come to a standstill?
– Has India, with its 35% (give or take a few %) succeeded in becoming Cashless?
– Have the rural parts of India stopped having problems getting the new currency?
– Has the Industrial growth gone through the roofs already?
And finally
– Why was the whole process called Demonetization when all you did was change the notes from one format to another with actually higher denominations coming in?
And if you can’t answer these questions, may I humbly request you to tell us, why exactly was the whole Nation made to stand in queues, for hours on end, to change their old notes to new ones in your “Juna Do, Nava Lo” scheme?
Were those 100+ deaths that took place thanks to your harebrained, half thought out scheme, merely because “Soldiers are standing at the border….” And we had to prove our Patriotism by standing in the hot sun ourselves?
I am pretty sure, none of these questions will be answered by the officials of the Government but maybe the Bhakts will jump in with their TFI and Satyavijai Gospel how Demonetization was the best thing to happen for making India a Superpower.
Hah!! You thought people would forget about the Demonetization debacle by getting the Media to create diversions? Fat chance of that happening.
Disclaimer: Anil Bokil and Bholu Bhakts are requested to stay away from this post. I know you are “Noted Economists” but I am just a common citizen asking some simple questions that don’t require your kind of expertise.

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