Bholu Bhakt and the ISI Mark

Bholu Bhakt came rushing into my house, his face red with anger.
Bholu Bhakt: These bloody ISI .. They are a Terrorist funding organization.
Me: Bhai, what happened now?
Bholu Bhakt: Do you know that all these rail accidents which are happening are being funded by ISI?
Me: Err….
Bholu Bhakt: And these Jallikattu protests?? They are also ISI funded !!
Me: But….
Bholu Bhakt: These ISI people just keep on funding all the terror activities in India because they hate Modi Ji.
Me: But, wasnt the Demonetization move supposed to stop all these Terrorist funded activities? So if you think that all these accidents and protests are funded by ISI, can we safely conclude that Demonetization was an utter failure as far as curbing Terrorist funding was concerned?
Bholu Bhakt: Arey Bhai, tum kaha ki baat kaha le jaate ho. Tum se to baat hi karna bekaar hain.
Me: 😀 😀
Disclaimer: The ISI mark found on various components of the Railway carriage, should not be considered as a concrete proof of ISI funding the rail accidents in India.

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