India, A Land Of Messed Up Priorities

India seems to be a land of messed up priorities.
On 8th January 2017 a young girl, 15 years of age, was brutally raped (allegedly) and murdered (confirmed because, well, she was found dead) with multiple stab wounds on her breasts.
Her name was Dika Kumari.
This happened in a Government Residential school in Bihar’s Vaishali district.
The girl had gone to fetch water from the adjacent Hostel block, because the hostel that she stayed in does not have drinking water facilities.
She never returned.
In the morning, people found her body lying in the gutter besides the hostel (I am going to spare you the gory details).
The Girl’s family is struggling to get some support from the Administration, but neither the Police nor the School authorities are co-operating and they havent even given copies of the FIR reports as yet.
Apparently the reputation of the schools, the State and the Local Police are more important than bringing the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice.
And isnt this what always happens?? Women are raped all over the Country, and the Administrations are busy trying to sweep the cases under the rugs.
At the best they will do a survey to see which State is the most unsafe place for women and which state is the safest. And if your state doesnt appear to be in the Top 5 Worst States in the Country, then you should be patting your backs and going back to watching TV.
The Cops are too busy guarding their jobs by listening to their political masters and following their orders rather than the procedures laid down for them.
The Mainstream Media is busy following Bull-Fights in Tamil Nadu and Bullish Fights in the UP and Punjab, because the “Nation” is more interested in who is going to get how seats in which state, rather than how safe they are in the land that they live. I could not find a single mainstream media article on the Dika Kumari issue.
Meanwhile, the helpless parents of the victim are sidelined and left to beat their heads on the walls hoping that someone would give their sorrows a voice, which will be heard above the drum beating and the chest thumping.
Will we, the people of India, be able to help these parents get a chance for those in power to hear their say?
Can the “Human” in us find that little bit of courage and empathy to make sure that these pleas for help and justice dont go unanswered?
Or have we also become so complacent, that we would rather be outraging over who is pissing on whom in Bigg Boss, rather than directing our outrage in bringing about a much needed social change, where Women’s Safety becomes a more important issue than a Bull-Fight or a State Election??
But then again, as I said, “India is a land of messed up priorities”.
If you dont agree with my statement, you will stand up and prove me wrong. Something that I would love to see happening.
Disclaimer: I have avoided any and all references to the religion or the caste of Dika Kumari. A 15 year Girl got raped and murdered, thats enough for me to make this issue a priority.

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