Kaabil …… (A Movie Review)

* * * 

Everytime Hritik gets into trouble, his Dad makes a furious attempt to rescue him. Kaabil is yet another attempt by Rakesh Roshan to rescue Hritik after having tomatoes thrown at his feeble attempts to beat up a crocodile in Mohenjo Daro.
Some of the best performances of Hritik have been in the “K” movies from the Roshan family stable.
Even in this movie, Hritik paints a great picture of a blind man trying to live a happy life.
The storyline of Kaabil is quite interesting, about how a blind man would go about avenging his wife. But thats about all there is of the interesting part. For most of the second half its about how a blind man with awesome muscles can beat up the bad men. There is no intelligence used and absolutely zero bright ideas about how the gets those people.
I wish Rakesh Roshan had made the Director Sanjay Gupta watch “Mera Jawaab” (Haan, Jackie Shroff waali) just to take a leaf out of its page and not send Hritik out like a blind wrecking ball destroying everything in sight.
That said, the first half of the movie is quite endearing and the lead pair does a brilliant job at keeping your smiling.
Yami Gautam who plays the lead actress paired opposite Hritik has done a commendable job and perhaps a better portrayal at being blind than Rani Mukherjee in Black, who in my view came across more daft than blind.
Since, Yami is in the movie she is bonked off before the movie reaches its half way mark.
I wonder what it is with Yami and her movies. Almost every movie I have seen with her in it, she gets bonked off and in some of the most horrific ways. Actually, its almost like if she is in a movie, one can be pretty certain that she doesnt make it till the end.
The baddies are played by the Roy brothers, Ronit and Rohit and they are great. Especially the way they have picked up the Marathi accent in the movie is worth an applause.
The rest of the starcast is brilliantly assembled. Narendra Jha (The cop Chaubey) has put forth an able performance, and you just love to hate Girish Kulkarni in the role of Inspector Nalavde.
The songs are so so, though I must say the title track “Main Tere Kaabil” kind of sticks with you. That must be Rajesh Roshan’s charm at work.
While the starcast is brilliant and the performances are great, the movie still remains quite average. There are too many loopholes in the plot and you have to really stretch your belief at times to be convinced why a particular thing happened.
But then again, this movie comes from a man who made us believe that an alien landed on earth and “Mere Karan Arjun” took a rebirth, so suspension of belief becomes an important factor while watching any Rakesh Roshan production.
All said and done, the movie is a nice one time watch, if not for anything just to check out the performances. Nah, you have already seen Urvashi Rautela gyrating to “Saara Zamana” in her short short pants ample number of times for you wanting to spend actual money to watch that in the theater. She looks the same in the movie hall, just, well, bigger.
Disclaimer: Humble request to all Directors who would hire Yami Gautam for their next movie, please let her live….please !!!

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