The Slapping of Sanjay Leela Bhansali

I wonder why Sanjay Leela Bhansali was slapped around in Rajasthan?
Was he making a Documentary on Rani Padmavati?? No!!
I remember there was an outrage over Bajirao Mastaani too.
So, what exactly do the people of India think?? That these movies based on audience wooing scripts are actual realistic depictions of Historical events and not an attempt meant at gaining commercial success??
Do people of India actually think that Milkha Singh got around with a few of his friends and shook his booty to “Havan Karenge, Havan Karenge” in the middle of the night, with a bottle of rum ho ho ho??
And that Jodha and Akbar broke into a song and dance, whenever they felt amorous feelings towards each other?
I hope, people dont really think that Krishh exists and a black masked superhero runs around the streets of India, just because three movies have been made about him.
There is something called as Creative Liberties used in Commercial movies. And a Work of Fictiion is a Work of Fiction !!! It is not a Documentary which claims to be a depiction of real events and is supposed to be more closer to the documented truth.
Commercial Movies come with a Disclaimer which clearly states that they are “loosely based on true events” which basically means, as far as historical significance goes, these movies have no relevance.
If someone wants to know more about Mahatma Gandhi, they go and read the books written about Gandhi by various historians, they watch Documentaries made on him…. they dont want Ben Kingsley’s portrayal of Gandhi and say, “Yes That is exactly how it happened”.
So, if you are still so daft as to have your sensibilities offended by the movie, you can always choose to not watch it. You dont have to get your underpants in a bunch shouting “Historical facts have been distorted”.
Coz, simply speaking “FICTION IS NOT FACTS”
Disclaimer: This post is not intended for those people who grew up reading Dr. Dinanath Batra’s books as factual historical depiction and then graduated to Bal Narendra Comic Books, you guys will never know the difference between Facts and Fiction.

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