Bholu Bhakt Hates Justin Beiber

Bholu Bhakt came rushing into my office, his face red and I could almost detect fire coming out of his ears….
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, Ye Kal Ka Piddi sa Chokra !!! Isko apne kaam se kaam rakhne ko kya hota hain?
Me: Err what happened Bholu, calm down….who and what are you talking about?
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, this Justin guy… He is making all sort of stupid statements.
Me: Ummm like what?
Bholu Bhakt: When Trump Ji issued the order to ban Muslims immigrants coming into America, this Justin chokra went and said, let them come to Canada.
Me: Err Okay …
Bholu Bhakt: And now there is an attack on a mosque in Canada, this same two bit kal ka chokra says that it is a Terrorist Attack ON the Muslims !!!
Me: Well okay, but what is your problem?
Bholu Bhakt: Arey !!! What is my problem means?? Who is this Justin !!! What is his status?? Thoda bahut gaana bajana kar liya to kya does he become a Mr. Know It All !! He should stick to singing “Baby Baby” instead of sticking his nose in matters that do not concern him…
Me: Bhai, the statements were made by Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada….. Not Justin Beiber 😀 😀
Bholu Bhakt: Oh…..
Disclaimer: Do not believe everything that Tarek Fatah posts on his Twitter Timeline 😉

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