Bholu Bhakt Protests Against Hijaab, Ends Up Defending the Ghunghat

Bholu Bhakt was sitting in his chair in the front of a rather scared Masoom Mureed, when I walked into Bholu’s house.
Masoom usually shuts up when Bholu is screaming at the top of his lungs and this seemed to be just such an occassion.
I had heard the words, “BURKHA” and “HIJAAB”, being thrown about and I pretty much knew what the argument was about even as I sat down on the chair.
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, its good you are here. You tell me!!! Is it right to force your women to cover themselves up?
Me: Ofcourse not. FORCE is never a good thing.
Bholu Bhakt (glaring at Masoom Mureed): SEE !! DIDNT I Tell you??
Masoom: But… I… they wear it willingly…..
Me: I totally disapprove of women being made to cover their faces when they dont want to.
Bholu Bhakt: I agree….
Me: I also disapprove that women have to have them forcefully cover their faces, not only when they go out but also when they stay inside their own homes.
Bholu Bhakt (smiling): I agree!! I agree !!
Me: Infact those people who force their women to cover their faces in such a way should actually go and jump in a well.
Bholu Bhakt (turning to Masoom): See!!! Thats what I was telling you about Hijab and Burkha!!
Me: Hijab?? No, No, I was talking about the practise of wearing Ghungat amongst women.
Bholu Bhakt: But, Bhai ….. thats our tradition na… how can we go about defying our own traditions.
Thats when Bholu’s wife came into the room, her face properly covered with a Ghunghat.
I looked at Masoom Mureed and winked as he was grinning from ear to ear.
Disclaimer: I have no problems with someone wearing a Hijab, a Burkha or a Ghunghat as long as it is not me who has to wear it.

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