“Ugly Girls have to Pay More Dowry”, Sociology Lessons by Maharashtra Government to the Kids.

Hey Girls !!!
Are you Ugly??
Do you have a handicap of some sort?
Great !! So prepare to pay more dowry when you are getting married.
No No !! This is not what I say, this is what the Class XII Sociology Textbook, of Maharashtra State Board says.
The HSC Textbook on Sociology in a Chapter titled “Major Social Problems in India”, Ugliness is given as one of the reasons given for dowry.
To Quote the book:
“If a girl is ugly and handicapped, then it becomes a very difficult for her to get married. To marry such girls, bridegroom and his family demand more dowry. Parents of such girls become helpless and pay dowry as per the demands of the bridegroom as family. It leads to rise in the practice of dowry system.”
So basically if you are ugly, you have two choices. Either you apply all sort of Fair and Lovely (or Pathanjali, take your pick) products available in the market and hope that you undergo the transformation they claim to make, or your parents start hoarding those pink pink Rs. 2000 notes from day one and hope the Government does not detect the GPS signal.

Dowry, in India, is no doubt a social evil but attributing the “Ugliness” of a woman to the rise in the practise of dowry system is a fantastic way of the Government washing their hands off the issue and proving themselves utterly incompetent of getting rid of this social evil.

Isnt it very convinient to teach the young kids how beauty is not a superficial thing but can lead to potential money making opportunities, rather than calling a spade a spade and the people who demand a dowry in the first place as complete idiots?
Right now I am wondering about the effect such statements in “Classroom syllabus” is going to have on the kids reading them.
I wonder, how many girls are going to go back and keep looking in the mirror to see how much dowry their parents will have to pay in a few years. And I wonder how many girls will be getting teased in the school with lines like, “Haha Tere Pappa ko to bahut saare paise dene padenge tere shaadi mein”.
Not only is such a thought process scary, in the first place, but that it has been penned down and made it to the pages of the Official Textbook is downright revolting.
I would have actually appealed to the Maharashtra Government to look into this issue, but then I dont expect much from the State Education Minister Vinod Tawade whose own academic qualifications are quite questionable. Ofcourse, I would be most happy to be proved wrong on this.
All said and done, one thing is pretty clear. The person who has written this Textbook and the ones who have approved it, are the real Ugly people.
There is nothing called as an Ugly face. Its the mind which is Ugly.
Disclaimer: Guys, stop selling yourself in the market, you are not Bulls or Cattle. Have some self respect if not shame. You are too damn ugly yourself to demand money for marrying a girl. Say No To Dowry !!!

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  1. Well put! Wonder what Bholu Bhakt would say about this!


    1. Lol Baar Baar Bholu Bhakt ki lena acchi baat nahi hain 😝


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