Bholu Decides To Get Operated Upon

I was sitting in my office when Bholu came prancing in.
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, how do you think I look?
Me: You look fine to me.
Bholu Bhakt (pirouetting like a ballet dancer): Look carefully, how do I look?
Me: You are looking great Bholu!! Why do you ask?
Bholu Bhakt (Pulling his tummy in and giving an Arnold type pose): Nah Nah Bhai, look carefully and tell me how I look.
Me: BHOLU!! You are looking great. GREAT, you hear me? You have never looked better. You are looking fit as a fiddle, in the pink of your health. Okay?? Now can you tell me why you are asking me this?
Bholu Bhakt: Thanks Bhai, I just managed to check in the mirror and thought I am looking ekdum fit. So, socha jaake ekhad operation kar aaun apne aap pe.
Me: Huh? What? Why?
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, Saheb ne bola hain, when you are ekdum fit you should go and do an operation on yourself.
Me: But if you are so fit why do you need to be operated upon for?
Bholu Bhakt: Ummmm Haven’t thought that through yet…..
Me: 😠😠😠 Go home and Stop listening to your Saheb, warna Dharti Maa bura maan jayegi.
Disclaimer: The Economy of the Country is like the heart, operate only if necessary and only if positive results are guaranteed. Its not like your appendix, jab marzi hui operation kar diya.

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