An Open Letter, To All Girls Who Wear Men’s Clothes….

OPEN LETTER to all Girls Who Wear Men’s Clothes:
Dear Girls in Men’s Clothing,
Hey Girls, do you know what Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome is?
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal dis-balance issue in Women, which might make it difficult for them to get pregnant.
While many Doctors are trying to get to the bottom of the cause of this problem, one Principal from the Government Polytechnic of Mumbai seems to have found the cause.
In a recent diktat issued by the Principal of this college, girls should wear “suitable” clothes to the college.
According to her, women who dress up like men, start behaving like men and undergo a gender role reversal in their heads and thats when they start suffering with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which kills their natural urge to reproduce!!
Aha !!! So you girls should be wearing “girly” clothes and not “boysy” clothes. You know, like pink and lace but not blue and shabby.
And if you girls wear the clothes meant for men, you might end up growing a beard and smoking bidis on the nukkad and passing lewd comments at other girls.
Not to mention you would always want to be on the top which would make us, men, lazy …. top of things in general, I meant. 😛
I am not sure if it works the other way round. Would men stop behaving like Men (read perfect assholes) and start behaving like women instead, if they wear girly clothes?? Would they under go a gender role reversal and stop hitting out at anything in a skirt?? I think thats worth a shot. Rather than telling the girls to not wear Men’s clothes, why not tell the boys to wear Girl’s clothes, instead?
Ofcourse hairy shapeless legs in a skirt and a beer belly sticking out of a midriff exposing tank top might not be a such a pretty sight, but then again, we can always take a pledge to not body shame them, like we body shame the women, right??
So, I hope you girls get smarter and stop wearing the clothes meant for men. You really dont want to be like us. No point in climbing down the ladder of dignity, right?
That said, I am not sure if this applies to the “Lungi”. Thats pretty much like your skirt, only difference being we, men, can lift it up above our knees and tie it around our waist, anywhere in Public and no one would give us a second look.
Looking forward to seeing more Girls wearing Girls clothes so that we men can have our pants back.
Yours Not So Sincerely,
Man in Man’s Clothes who wore a skirt once when he was a kid and has now a habit of fluttering his eyelashes.
Disclaimer: I am not sure what makes the women suffer from PolyCysctic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) but I am sure this particular Principal is suffering from Regressive Society Syndrome (RSS)

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