Cut The Rhetoric!! Where are the Answers, Mr. Modi??

Its been almost three years since the Modi Sarkar has assumed office and there seems to be a classic disconnect between what the general people of India want to know and what the Government wants the people of India to know.
But the majority of the country, which is quite silent and not as vociferous as the loud mouthed minority, does appear to be standing with their hats in hand, waiting for the answers to their questions about the very premise that brought BJP into power.
Corruption, Criminality, Development, Infrastructure.
Alas, these answers are not coming forth in any of the speeches made by Modi, whether in Parliament or in one of his countless election rallies, for the sole reason that the answers being given have no relation to the questions being asked.
Has corruption reduced? Is there a general atmosphere of fear amongst the Government employees and crony Capitalists that they will be punished if they give or take bribes for their personal gains?
How many people have been arrested or chargesheeted in those numerous scams which were listed out during the Congress rule? How many Corrupt Politicians, Government Officials, Bribe giving Industrialists have been put in jail after 2014? How much of that Scam money has been recovered? Have there been no new scams?
Have the political parties stopped giving tickets to people with criminal records? Can we expect a cleaner Political forum?
Have newer jobs been created? Is it now easier for people to find a job with better prospects? Has the unemployment in India gone down?
Are we providing better Educational facilities to our Kids? Will they grow up to become better equipped in facing the global competition?
Is the infrastructural development taking place? Do we have better Public transportations in place which can help the common person commute at a cheaper cost?
There are these and so many other questions which can be listed down.
But the only answers that are recieved are either about the 60 years of Congress misrule, or about what who wears what in their bathroom while taking a bath or who is doing his “Beti ki setting”.
While these answers might be tickling the fancies of those who revel in the Bigg Boss kind of entertainment, the serious questions not only remain unanswered verbally, but there is also no physical evidence which might dispel the doubts in the minds of the people.
Three years is sufficient time to see some sort of ground work being laid on all these fronts rather than just empty electoral rhetorics and WhatsApp messages about how Modi sleeps for only 4 hours in a day. The excuse of “Dont expect overnight changes” is redundant now, since three years is NOT overnight.
Frankly, if there is nothing happening on the ground level, it doesnt matter if Modi sleeps for 4 hours, 8 hours or 16 hours in a day or doesnt sleep at all.
We are not here to applaud the stamina and energy of a person. We are here to applaud the results delivered …. if any.
The question is: Do you see the results? Or atleast do you see the positive movement towards achieving the results promised?
Disclaimer: “The general people of India” mentioned in the post would exclude the “Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi” bunch of people who cannot see anything beyond orgasming over the larger than life image created of their idol even if they are standing in a pile of crap.

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