Bholu Bhakt Celebrates Valentine’s Day

I rushed into the hospital room to see Bholu Bhakt lying on the bed, in obvious pain, his face battered, one eye turning blue, a plaster on his hand and a bandage around his head.
Me: Bholu!!! What happened? I came over as soon as I got the message.
Bholu: Bhaiiii, ab kya batau. You know today is Valentine Day na?
Me: Yes, but how does that get you into the hospital?
Bholu: Suno To…. Since its the Valentines Day I thought I would take my girlfriend out for a nice lunch to that new restaurant in our area.
Me: Damn! And the Bajrang Dal guys caught you?
Bholu: No No, unse apni setting hain. They were actually dizzy with happiness to know someone they knew had a girlfriend.
Me: Uff, then? The Shiv Sena guys caught you? You guys have split up now so I can understand that….
Bholu: No No! Since the time Aditya Thackeray has entered the party, they have become all hip and happening, they don’t oppose Valentines Day anymore
Me: Oho!!! Then how did this happen? Who caught you?
Bholu: My wife. She found out about my girlfriend. She caught me and went all Babu Bajrangi on me. She used my own Shakha laathi and broke my head.
Me: Well, that was going to happen. If your wife finds out about your girlfriend, what else do you expect? Did she break your arm too?
Bholu: No…….My girlfriend broke my arm. She found out about my wife…..
Me: Bholu, you know, you should be more careful. Don’t let Valentines Day make you do stupid things like these.
Bholu: You are right Bhai. Next time onwards its strictly Matru Pitru Diwas for me.
Disclaimer: Married people who are taking out their girlfriends on Valentines Day do not need Bajrang Dal to send them to the Hospital —– Thus proved.

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