The Two Timing “Whore”….

Madhav was sitting on the couch in the darkened living room of his apartment in Bandra, a glass of scotch in his hand.

He looked at his watch and then at the door.

“Its late, its already too fu@!#$% late”, he muttered to himself.

He had been waiting there for three hours now, in the empty house and had gone through almost half a bottle of scotch as he tried to keep his patience in check.

The fumbling of the key in the lock made him look back at the door as he poured some more scotch in his glass.

The door opened as Sushma walked in and turned on the lights. She gasped as she saw Madhav waiting for her on the couch.

“You? When did you arrive? You dont come on weekends..”, she hastily muttered.

“YOU Bi#%$, where the F#%# were you?”, Madhav exploded, even before she could finish her sentence.

“Please, please sit down Madhav, let me explain. I had a car accident. I had to get a Mechanic to fix my car before I could drive it home. See, I even have the parts in the parking lot. I can show you.”, Sushma said, as she closed the door behind her moving towards him.

Madhav could see her obviously disshevelled appearance and her disorderly hair. Mixed with the late hours of the night he was pretty certain where she was.

He got up from the couch moving towards her threateningly.

“You were with that guy from your office, werent you?? Your Boyfriend …. Your Bloody Boyfriend”, he spat out.

“Madhav … please … let me explain”, Sushma said, beginning to weep more out of fear than guilt.

He grabbed her by the hair pulling her to the middle of the room.

“Am I not enough for you?? Do you have to go out and sleep with other men? You Whore !!!”, Madhav screamed again as he slapped her across her face sending her sprawling across the room.

Sushma screamed in agony as she fell to the floor, trying to grab the table for support, her face away from Madhav.

“I am your husband!! Your F@#$@!$@ HUSBAND!! And you are nothing but a two bit whore!!”, Madhav screamed his voice filled with rage and hatred.

“Please…please”, said Sushma as she feebly tried to get up, her back still towards her husband.

She never saw the iron rod that Madhav had in his hand. She never saw it coming towards her. She just felt the impact of the rod at the back of her skull. An excruciating pain streaked through her head…..for a moment, just that one brief moment before all capacities of sensations left her body and she fell down face first on the carpet.

Madhav stood over her unmoving body, the bloodied rod in his hand, his chest heaving from the exertion as he looked down at his wife.

“Bi#$%!!”, he said, spitting at her.

He turned around placing the rod on the table as he sat back on the couch, reaching for the scotch as he tried to calm himself down.

He reached for his phone and dialed. A voice on the other side answered.

“Radhika, I am coming home. Warm up the dinner for me”, he said into the phone.

“Are you okay? You sound a bit different, Madhav?”, came Radhika’s voice from the other side, filled with concern.

“Yes, I am okay. That Bi@#$ Sushma was two timing me. I taught her a lesson”, Madhav said, with a strange smile on his face, “She will never be able to two time anyone again”

There was a short pause before Radhika spoke again, “Okay …. just come home, alright? Dont worry, I am your wife after all, I will take care of you. Just come home safely. I am waiting for you”…….

Madhav walked out of the house, casting a last look at Sushma, as he closed the door behind him and made his way to the Parking.

He stumbled upon some metal parts lying on the ground next to Sushma’s car. He looked at the car taking in the huge dent mark on the front fender.

“Bi#$@ couldnt even drive properly”, he said, as he got into his car and started on his journey home.

Disclaimer: This story is based on true events. Isnt it surprising that there are Men who have no problems in having two wives, but go into murderous rage at even the possibility of his wife having two men in her life? And there are some women who are okay to accept this ….I will leave it to the Reader’s discretion to figure out who the “Two Timing Whore” is.

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