Bholu Bhakt Teaches His Son The Importance of Hard Work

I walked into Bholu Bhakt’s house for my regular evening chat with him to see him sitting besides his son Bajrangi.
Me: Hey Bholu, how are you?
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, give me half an hour, I have to take Bajrangi’s studies.
Me: Okay (as I busied myself with the newspaper).
Bholu Bhakt: Okay, Bajrangi, open your school bag and take out your English Textbook.
Bajrangi dutifully took out the book from his bag.
Bholu Bhakt: Good. Now put it back in.
Bajrangi kept the book back in the bag.
Bholu Bhakt: Now take it out again…. Then put it back in.
This went on for a few minutes as I watched.
Bholu Bhakt: Okay. Enough of English, now take out your history text book and put it back in the bag.
Bajrangi acquiesced.
After a few minutes of toying with the History textbook, Bholu seemed to be satisfied.
Bholu Bhakt: Very nice Bajrangi. Now put all your books in your school bag and pick it up and place in on your head.
Bajrangi did so.
Bholu Bhakt: Nice, now make five rounds of the living room with the bag on your head.
Bholu smiled at me and I gave him a confused smile as Bajrangi finished the five rounds of the living room.
Bholu Bhakt: Very good Beta, now you are done with your school work for the day. Go and ask Mummy to give you some coconut water.
Me: Bholu, what exactly was that??
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, I was taking my sons studies !!!
Me: But all you did was make him lift the books and carry them around.
Bholu Bhakt: Ofcourse !!! Havent you heard?? Hard Work is better than Harvard?
I was about to respond when I saw Bajrangi coming out of the kitchen clutching a glass on Pineapple juice in his hand.
Bajrangi: Papa Papa, Mummy gave me coconut water, can I go down and play after I finish it?
Bholu Bhakt: Sure, beta, but dont forget we have to study again tomorrow.
Disclaimer: A mental note to not ask for either pineapple juice or coconut water when visiting a Bholu Bhakt, stick to tea, they make the best tea, usually.

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