Bholu Bhakt Invites Modi Ji for a Roadshow

Dear Shri Shri Shrimaan Modi Ji,


I have always been a great admirer of your work and a long time supporter of you and your party BJP.


I have been in awe of your oral skills (bole to, wo speech dene waali ishtyle) and I have noticed how you tirelessly work. for the benefit of the Nation for almost 20 hours a day.


Whenever, I check to see what you are doing, you are either in a road show or giving a rally speech, or campaigning for some State elections or on Twitter warning other world Leaders about Earthquakes in their own Nations, even before they come to know about it.


And not only yourself, you have also put all your Ministers to work. I saw all of them campaigning in Varanasi for the UP elections. I have never seen so many active Ministers at one time. Infact, I didnt even know, we had so many Ministers. And this is all because of you.


Itna saara energy laate kaha se ho, Saheb?


Why just yesterday my neighbour said, “Yaar, Modi ke leadership mein India bhaad mein jaa raha hain” and I told him, “Dekha !! Kahi to jaa raha hain na !! Ek hi jagah pe to nahi ruka hain na??”


If motion is not a sign of progress, what is? Even a Donkey doesnt stand still in one place for too long and like you, I also take my inspiration from the Donkey … and you, ofcourse.


I understand you are a very busy person, but the reason I am writing you this letter is that, I have one small request to make to you.


I know you must be tired after campaigning against that Ladkon Ki Jodi, like Jai Veeru !! I know you will crush them in the same way as Gabbar crushed Jai-Veeru or like Kattappa killed Bahubali. You Can Do It !!! Stab them in the back when they arent looking !! Not literally, ofcourse.


I also know that, after that, you are going to Gujarat for a couple of days for some ribbon cutting ceremony of a new bridge. Ofcourse a bridge in Gujarat should be inaugrated by the Prime Minister of this country and not by some Chief Minister. People dont understand this, but I do. They keep telling me that this is your 10th visit to Gujarat in the last two years and that the Assembly elections are coming up in Gujarat soon, but I know thats not true. I know you are just listening to Amitabh Bachchan ji and “Gujaroing” Kuch Din in Gujarat.


And after the Gujarat visit, I know you will be busy campaigning for the MCD elections in Delhi and would be totally exhausted and might need to go to USA to meet Trump Ji, but…..


But please …. just one humble request from me to my Idol Ji.


We have our Society General Body elections coming up in April and my wife Durga (respect se log ussey Durga Vahini kehte hain) is campaigning for the Secretary post.


Can you please …. PLEASE….. come here for just one day and do a small roadshow for her?


The road is not even a full road. Its just a small galli between a few societies. It will hardly take any time for you to cover it with your long lion like strides. But if you come and do that Galli Show, I am sure everyone’s Durga Vahini will ride over the Modi wave and win the elections.


So once more … PLEAASEEEE….. do see if you can make it. I will chadhao 56 motichoor ke ladoo to your photo every day for the next 50 years till you remain the Prime Minister of Bharat Mata, if you agree to my request.


Shatt Shatt Pranaam and Long Distance se Pai Lagoo.


Aapka Apna, Desh Ka Sapna, Ache Din Ka Pujari,


Bholu Bhakt


PS: We dont use EVMs for voting, we only use ballot papers, so its okay if Amit Shah bhai doesnt come.


Disclaimer: Durga Vahini means Durga Bhabhi (Vahini is the Marathi word for Bhabhi, for those who dont know) and not to be confused with the other Durga Vahini which is more popular with the Khakhi Half Chaddis.

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