FOR MEN ONLY (On Woman’s Day):
On this Woman’s Day lets all take a pledge to give Equality to Women.
Lets make an effort to give the Women their Rights.
Lets give them the Right to Freedom, Freedom to live their life the way they want to.
Lets give them the Right to choose what they want to wear.
Lets give them the Right to come and go as they please and not make up some imaginary laxman rekhas of time bound deadlines, which we want them to adhere to for their own safety.
Lets give them the freedom to choose their partners with whom they want to spend their entire life.
Lets give them the right of equality in workplaces. Equal jobs, Equal payscales.
Lets give them their Right to Choose !!!
But wait a minute … “Lets Give them”? Seriously??
Isnt it more important for us to realize that these Rights and Freedoms that we talk about “giving” to the women are not ours to give, in the first place.
They have always belonged to the Woman. We, the men, have just snatched these Rights away from the women and created a partriarchal society where the Women have been made into some second class citizens so much at the mercy of the Men that even their own Rights are something that they feel, we should be giving them.
“Give Women Their Rights” has such a “Feel good” factor to it, that we never stop to realize that we are actually being a bunch of hypocrites when we say that.
Rather than giving these Rights and Freedoms to women, all we, men, need to do is just get out of their way. Step back and stop being obstacles in their paths. Stop trying to exercise that imaginary power that we try to weild over them, in one way or another. Stop making them appear as the weaker sex who need the Men to take care of them and support them and defend them.
We need to stop being those a**holes from whom the women need to be defended.
So rather than “Giving Women their Rights and Equality” let us stop pretending for a moment that we are the Lord and Masters of this world and control what should be given to someone or not. Lets just start being Humans for a change…..a quality which we seem to have lost over the time.
Hats off to all those women who have made it in the world “Despite Being a Woman”….. We can all imagine the heights they would have achieved “Because they are women”….. if only we got out of their way.
Disclaimer: All those women who read this post inspite of the Warning given at the top ….. Kudos to you. Not heeding such Warnings is the First step in showing the Men where they actually stand. Dont let us idiots stop you from doing anything that you want to do. 😉

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    1. I was hoping they won’t 😂😂


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