Electoral Victories are Fine … When does India start Winning?

From where I stand, I see that the electoral victories are all about “Yay I won, Shame you lost”
It’s like watching a Derby and wishing that the horse you were betting on wins. If he wins you go out and have a party, if he loses you feel sad and curse your bad luck while finding reasons to justify the loss …… Till the next Derby takes place and you are back in the betting game again.
Do these electoral victories actually end up in a change?
The Congress supporters are jumping up and down for their win in Punjab. So will the rule of Prakash Badal end? Will the corruption, the drug mafia, the deteriorating situation of the fertile state of Punjab stop? Will it actually be a move towards making Punjab back into the cash rich state of India that it was a long time back?
The BJP supporters are chest thumping about their emphatic victory in UP. Does that mean the Goondaraj of the Yadav family comes to an end now? Will UP now become a safe state, will the crime rate go down? Will the UP ka Bhaiya stop being a derogatory term which stereotypes every UP guy into a illiterate hooligan?
Or will it simply be the end of one rule and the beginning of another, where the crimes stay the same but just the crown shifts from one head to another?
I live in the state of Maharashtra which saw a huge shift in the Government post 2015. Its been almost two years now and personally I have not seen any change in the state.
The ones who were looting the common man then are still looting. We still have to give bribes to avoid being harassed by the Govt officials. We still see the same crimes and even the same criminals, the only difference being that the Clock and Hand has now changed into a Lotus.
We also had a major shift in the Government when Modi came to power with a thumping majority riding on the mighty horse of Vikas and “I will put all criminals behind the bars” slogans.
How many criminals actually went behind bars? How many of those scams which had supposed to have happened actually got investigated? How many of those corrupt politicans are hiding under the table or facing enquiries?
It is very nice to see the enthusiasm of people patting their backs because their horse won, but stop and think whether these electoral victories are actually transforming into the betterment of the society or are we just supposed to have fun watching our horses win, not figuring out that we are being taken on a ride by the entire political class who want to keep us busy with the rhetoric while the only Vikas happening is for their bank balances.
Wake up and sniff around you, and when you smell the Vikas do let me know too.
Disclaimer: People with choked up noses can ignore this post and wait for the next state elections in 2018 to see if the horse you are betting on wins.

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