Well Defended, Arun Jaitley Ji ….

Congratulations to Arun Jaitley for being our next Defence Minister.
I am sure he has been given the dual role of Finance Minister and Defence Minister because of his tremendous experience in Defence. We have already seen his value added efforts to India’s economy.
He successfully defended himself in the DDCA scam allegations and made sure the case disappeared from the headlines.
He has also successfully defended Demonetization calling it a huge “Success”. Being in the privileged position that he is in, I am sure he knows exactly how Black Money disappeared, Bribes Stopped, Terrorism Died due to starvation of funds and India became Cashless better than anyone else does, with the 100+ deaths being simply collateral damage.
And ofcourse he has also managed to defend his Political Career despite losing in the Lok Sabha Elections.
From what I see, he will make the perfect Defence Minister.
Now, I am only hoping that Jaitley doesn’t disband the entire Army and then makes them requalify for the position just to weed out the spies that we might have in the Armed Forces a la Demonetization style 😉
Btw can someone please make Subramanian Swamy the next Finance Minister, I want to see $1 = Rs. 1 before 2019.
Disclaimer: The rumors that Jaitley got the Defence Ministry simply because his name is pronounced in the same way as Jet Li’s are preposterous and humbug.

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