Stop Falling For the Narrative of Hate …. Nurture Love instead !!!

I watched the movie “Patriots Day” last night.
The movie is about the Boston Marathon Bombing, a terrorist attack which shook the entire US.
The movie is a very factual depiction of the events that transpired, though there are certain cinematic liberties which might have been taken.
While the movie follows the events that led to the arrest/death of the Terrorists, it deals more with the human emotions attached with the incident.
Towards the end of the movie, they have taken interviews of the actual survivors of this Terrorist attack.
When one of the Survivors is asked his take-away from this attack he says, “It took these two guys several weeks to plant and execute their hate, while it took everyone else only a few seconds to respond with their love”
He was obviously referring to immediate reactions of the bystanders who started helping the wounded and the compassion shown by the Police even during the door-to-door manhunt.
Let us stop outraging over hate and glorify love instead —– This is the message I came out with from the movie.
So why do we focus on the hate so much in India?
Everywhere we look at, its all about hate. Our Media is filled with hateful news. Our TV debates are filled with hatemongering and acerbic rhetorics. Our political campaigns are about negativity and hate. Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi is all about stoking your outrage.
Is it because the narrative of hate helps those in power to keep us blindsided?
When you are outraging, when you are angry, your judgement is clouded and you stop thinking about the fulfillment of your basic needs.
Your agenda shifts from whether you have a job security, do you get clean water, do you get electricity and good roads to Are Muslims issuing a fatwa, is Ram Mandir going to be built, is Advani going to be the President of India?
Frankly, none of these later issues actually matter to us common folks but thats what we thrive on.
The intention of those in power is to keep us outraging and keep us occupied with hate so that we can never recognise love and stop thinking about the issues that really matter to us.
Lets try and make up our mind to stop reacting to hate. Lets not allow these hate mongers to succeed in their plan.
Lets recognise the love around us and give it a chance to win.
Lets stop falling for the narrative of hate …..Lets nurture Love instead !!!
Disclaimer: My humble apologies to those who thought this post was going to be on the lines of “Siachen mein humare jawan ladh rahe hai….”

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