Bholu Bhakt Follows Yogi Ji’s Preachings

I walked into Bholu Bhakt’s house as he was busy sticking a Yogi Aditynath poster on his living room wall, while his Kaamwaali Bai was busy cleaning up the kitchen.
Me: Hey Bholu, you do realise that thats not Vin Diesel right?
Bholu Bhakt: Ofcourse Bhai, buss kya !!! Thats the great Yogi Adityanath Ji … the next best thing to have happened to India after Swami Vivekanand Ji.
Me: Swami Vivekanand?? Yogi Adityanath?? Seriously?
Bholu Bhakt: Oh Yes !! I just watched program on Zee News about this.
Me: Ah…. no wonder. So, you must have followed both these emminent personalities quite closely?
Bholu Bhakt: Oh Yes !!! All my childhood I have followed Swami Vivekanand Ji and all my Grown up life, I have followed the preachings of Yogi Adityanath Ji.
Me: You must have learnt a lot from Yogi Ji’s preachings.
Bholu Bhakt: OFCOURSE !!! Ye bhi koi puchne ki baat hain bhai. Discipline, Respect to all, Equality for all, Sarva Dharma Samabhav, No Bhed Bhav, Being kind to everyone …. ye sab Yogi ji se to seekha hain.
Me: Thats nice Bholu. I am sure you have turned out to be a fine human bei…..
Bholu Bhakt: Ek Minute haan Bhai..(cutting me off in midsentence and speaking to the Kaamwali Bai) Pushpa Mausi, aap ka kaam khatam ho jaaye na to wo koney mein rakha hua khaana khaa lena. Aap hi ke liye rakha hain. Kal ka hain, lekin accha hain. And yeah, once you are done eating wash your plate and keep it separately… Pet bhar ke khaana haan .. sharmana mat.
Bholu Bhakt (turning towards me): We treat Pushpa Mausi like our any other family member. So yeah Bhai, what were you saying?
Me: Ummmm Nothing…. I hope your kindness is not infectious.
Bholu Bhakt: No No Bhai, I am very healthy …. No Infections.
Disclaimer: I am glad Bholu has picked up only the nice traits of Yogi Adityanath, I dont think I could have been able to cope up with his frequent visit to Kabristan, otherwise.

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