6 Most Important Things About The Madhya Pradesh Farmer’s Shooting..

Here are the 6 most important things that you have to know about the recent shootings against the farmers in Madhya Pradesh in which 5 farmers were killed.
1. The State Government and the CRPF have not fired at the farmers. So basically the farmers were shot by the same people who shot dead the black buck in Bishnoi….Nobody !!!
2. Shivraj Chauhan the BJP CM of MP has promised adequate compensation to the dead farmers. The cost of the bullets @ Rs. 50 per bullet will not be deducted from the compensation, I hope.
3. Congress is to be blamed for this entire incident, because the opposition is responsible for the actions of the Government.
4. Had Pandit Nehru not been instrumental in creating the partition of India, the farmers would not have been protesting today.
5. Akbar and Babur were invaders and once the farmers accept this, there will be no further problems for them.
6. If the farmers get off social media, stop watching news and stop engaging in religious debates, they will find that this is the best place to live in and the bullets fired at them will miraculously curve around them and hit only those who havent heeded the advice of Sant Randeep Hooda.
Disclaimer: You might find this post a bit insensitive trying to make fun of what is a horrible situation. But living in a country which has become so insensitive towards the plight of others has affected me in being the same too. You want me to be more sensitive? Help me by being so, yourself !!

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