Amit Shah’s Idea of Creating Self-Employment in India ROCKS…..

Amit Shah in a recent speech said that it was impossible to create jobs for everyone in a country with a population of 125 Crores.
He also claimed that the BJP Modi Sarkar has tried to create jobs to the best of their abilities.
And I totally agree with him.
Firstly it wasn’t as if the entire country was unemployed before BJP came to power in 2014.
I mean, even if we claim that Congress did absolutely nothing in the last 60 years, there must have been some people employed in the Country doing this nothing. I remember, before 2014, I personally was being paid to twiddle my thumbs and do nothing.
That said, the BJP has indeed come up with innovative ways of job creations.
May it be the Gau Rakshak Dal or the Anti Romeo Squad, several youth have been employed in these new positions and are now delivering a great service to the Nation.
And it doesn’t require much of a skill set either. One has to only be able to laathi bhanjofy on a bunch of helpless people and then go back to your nearest Shakha and collect your daily wages plus productive incentive. It comes with a special severance package deal where you get monetary compensation and the National Flag in case of untimely death in the line of duty.
Not to mention, the tremendous IT job opportunity the BJP has created under its “Be A Troll” scheme. Under this highly innovative scheme all one has to do is abuse everyone who criticises anything even remotely associated with the Government and then get paid per comment or Tweet from the BJP IT Cell. Special incentives are given to those who abuse women and celebrities, in the form of promotions to party Spokesperson on various channels.
So when Amit Shah says what he does, I totally agree with him.
I am just hoping that they come up with an employment scheme for the dying farmers. How about employing them as circus clowns? They have enough experience by now of dancing naked in the streets of Delhi to earn themselves a place in the BJP circus….. What say?
Disclaimer: For those who are wondering what I am being paid for after 2014, it’s still twiddling my thumbs and doing nothing, I am not much of a job hopper and very dedicated to my profession.

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