Dear Raveena Tandon, What You Wear Doesnt Make You a Bhakt, What You Say…. DOES !!!

Dear Raveena Tandon,
You look gorgeous in a saree, you always have looked gorgeous in a saree, whether it was the demure character in Shool or when you set the hormones of half the Indian junta raging in “Tip Tip Barsa Paani”. So if you are posting any pics in a saree they would be most welcome.
But what I fail to understand is, why do you think people will call you “Communal, Sanghi, Hindutvawadi icon or a Bhakt” just because you wore a saree?
Waheeda Rehman wore a saree in most of her movies and she was never called either of those names.
And even amongst the actresses of your time, Nagma wears a saree, Tabu wears a saree even the very recent Huma Qureshi wears a saree. But no one calls them a Bhakt just because of that.

By the way, if you have missed it, even Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Mamta Banerjee, Brinda Karat, Medha Parkar…wear sarees.

I’m sure you won’t be aware, but it was Indira Gandhi who added the word secular to our constitution. And she always wore sarees.

But no one has ever called the above mentioned wonderful women Bhakts just because of their attire.

Do you know why? Because unlike the Bhakts, the Seculars don’t call people names based on their attire.
Not for a moment have any Secular called the Women as under Western Influence because they wear jeans. Not one Secular had a problem because Priyanka Chopra wore a Short dress while meeting Modi.
Infact its the Bhakts who call people names due to what they wear. They even have a problem with farmers wearing jeans, instead of a Dhoti and a Gamcha.
But the Seculars have no such problems.
Thats because the Seculars think there is more to a person than the clothes he/she wears.
So just because your friends go about name calling other people due to their clothes, don’t think others will do the same with you.
Now, don’t misunderstand me. Its not that the Seculars will not call you a Bhakt.
They will.
But its not because you wore a saree, it’s because you love sucking up to the Modi bandwagon on a regular basis on your Twitter account.
So my dear lovely Raveena Tandon, you will be called a Bhakt even if you wear a Jeans and you will be called a Bhakt even if you wear a short skirt or a bikini…..Though you will always look gorgeous.
Do you know why? Because you are one.
Yours Truly,
A Friendly Neighborhood Sickular Libtard Anti-National
Disclaimer: Some people are lucky that the face is not a reflection of their soul. They can still look gorgeous despite having a rather black heart.

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  1. Aww…now you’ve gone and messed up her plan to get some attention and show some ‘bhakti’!


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