Did Yogi Adityanath Really Change the Rules of Caste Based Reservations??

Yogi Adityanath has scrapped the Caste based reservations for private medical college, reported a number of news agencies and hell I fell for it too.
Not only did I fall for it, but there was a huge amount of chest thumping by the Bhakts on how this was a great move by the Yogi to bring abouts equality for the people of UP.
But wait a minute !!!
According to new information which has surfaced the authorities at state medical education department have countered this information being slyly spread by the Bhakt pages.
Director General Medical Education Dr. V N Tripathi clarified that, “It is wrong to say that rules of reservation have been scrapped from the private medical and dental colleges. Reservation was never a part of the admission process in private sector medical and dental colleges as per the prevalent policy made in 2006. There has been no change in any policy whatsoever”
So there never was such a reservation since 2006 !!!
I wonder what Yogi Adityanath scrapped in that case??
Or was this just another Jhumla thrown at the gullible people (in this case, me included) to get some reactions flowing on the social media?
And if that was the case, why?
It gave the Bhakts a chance to chest thump and it also the upper class voters in UP a certain sense of relaxation that they have made the right choice in the man and his monkey.
Or was this a news spread to hide something else, maybe take away the heat from the recent debacles of the Anti-Romeo squad which has been entering the homes of people now to check on what “obscene” acts they engage in, in the privacy of their homes?
In either case, the quick clarification by the State Department of Education has pricked this Yogi balloon of “Good Governance” before it could even start floating in the air.
Disclaimer: Chest Thumping or Objecting before verifying any news can make anyone appear as a fool (including me 😦 )

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