If MMS is “The Accidental Prime Minister”, Is Narendra Modi “The Prime Ministerial Accident”?

So, Anupam Kher is all set to act in the upcoming movie, “The Accidental Prime Minister” taking on the role of the Ex-Prime Minister, Man Mohan Singh.
This is probably the first time that a biopic on a Political personality is being made, which is produced by the opposite party. But when Ashoke Pandit (yeah the same Nationalist Patriot of the Twitter gaali galoch fame) is producing it, there are no two ways about it.
Though I must say that Anupam Kher is a fine choice to portray the character of the Prime Minister (ex), after all Anupam Uncle has had quite some experience acting as a Prime Minister on the Social Media, albeit without office, so he would have a smooth sailing taking on the role.
The only hitch, probably, would be that Anupam Kher loves to shoot off his mouth, and Manmohan Singh was known for keeping his mouth shut, but I am sure Anupam can compensate for it by going to his trailer van and shouting “Baap se aise baat karte ho kya Bh@#$@#D” whenever he gets frustrated for having to keep shut on the sets.
The movie “The Accidental Prime Minister” is being released in 2018, which is well in time for the National elections in 2019, so one can be pretty certain that the movie will all be about how India has not progressed in the last 70 years. Though as long as the dialogues of the movie are not written by the BJP IT Cell or Tejinder Bagga, we can keep our fingers crossed and not expect Sonia Gandhi to be referred to as “That Italian Barmaid” or Rahul Gandhi as “Pappu” or much worse “Ch!@#ya
That said, since we have now started making movies about Indian Prime Ministers without having to take permissions from the PMO, as Kejriwal biopic makers had to take, can I suggest that someone also make a quick movie about our current Prime Minister Modi??
Disclaimer: Since, the biopic on Manmohan Singh is being called “The Accidental Prime Minister” we can probably call the biopic on Modi as “The Prime Ministerial Accident” …. what say?

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