Modi Had Promised 50% Profit for Farmers in 2014 …. #JoKahaSoKiya !!

2014: Modi had promised 50% profit for farmers !!!
And today in 2017, I see a lot of the sickulars, leftoverists and generally the entire Anti-Modi aka Anti-National brigade (because Modi = India) cribbing about how the current BJP Government has been a monumental failure in moving closer to this promise.
HAH !!! Ofcourse their hate for Modi, simply makes them blind to his achievements in the upliftment of the farmers and giving them 50% profit as promised.
I mean, come on !!! Just a day or so back, the BJP Government offered a handsome “reward” of Rs. 1 Crore to the farmers who died in Madhya Pradesh during the protests.
Now, tell me, isnt Rs. 1 Crore more than 50% profits as what these farmers were making otherwise?? Would they have made even half the amount by any other means?
And to top that these farmers were killed by bullets falling out of the sky, since neither the Police nor the CRPF had fired any bullets. So this was more like a natural death.
Has any Government, including the damn corrupt atyachari durachari Congress Government ever given anyone any compensation for “Death Due to Natural Causes”??? No, na??
Moroever, these farmers are now wearing jeans and carrying mobile phones !! Have you ever seen a farmer wearing jeans?
Dont you watch movies?? If a person is not shirtless wearing a dhoti with a gamcha over his head on his shoulders, sitting on his haunches with his hands folded in a Namaste and tears in his eyes, he is not a farmer …. obviously those who wore jeans would be struck by the wrath of God, which is sometimes in the form of bullets falling from the sky. It happens….And dont even get me started on the Western Influence of Mobile phones. They are everything Sant Randeep Hooda warned us about.
And yet the BJP Government gave them Rs. 1 Crore.
Had these farmers committed suicide, would they have got anything?? No. Infact they would have had to spend money for the rat poison or the rope used to hang themselves (the tree is free).
Here, they dont have to spend a single dime and get paid for it. Now if this isnt the upliftment of farmers, tell me what is?
So ab batao, 50% more profit diya ki nahi diya?? Diya Ki Nahi Diya???
Disclaimer: The next person who says that Modi Ji is not working for the up-lift-ment (upar utha dena) of the farmers on a regular basis, will be put on the CBI’s “To Be Raided” List.

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