New Production Targets set for Hindus ….. 8 kids per couple !!

And if you thought it was only the Corporates who upped the targets every year, you are sadly mistaken.
The Hindus have just got their production targets increased for the year 2017-2018
While last year most of the men and women of Hindurasthra struggled to meet the targets of 4 kids per family, these have now been increased to 8 kids per couple under the “We two Our Eight” slogan floated by Sanatan Dharma Mahasangha President Swami Prabhodananda Giri.
Swami Giri wants everyone to remember the hardcore fact that “Hindu Khatre Mein Hain” And is urging all forward thinking Hindus to protect their Dharma.
Hindu Couples will now have to put in extra hours under the sheets with each other, probably working double shifts to ensure that the new financial year targets are met.
Meanwhile, there will be no extra pay for the added overtime.
This move will also keep you on your backs, in your own homes and off the streets so you don’t have to worry about getting picked on by the Anti Romeo Squad, unless when they are barging into your homes to supervise your production duties.
Not so surprisingly, this diktat comes from the Swami in the wake of the “Labor Day” which will ensure that most Hindu women will spend their days (and nights) with their legs spread apart enduring labor in one form or the other.
What?? You people are still reading this post? Go On!! Get Busy!!! You have a lot of work to do if you intend to meet these new targets.
Oh and remember…. Its 8 children per couple, so no cheating by trying to outsource your task to someone else.
So come on people!!! Go have sex before Swami Ji takes matters in his own hands 😝
Disclaimer: UNESCO has declared the “We Two Our Eight” as the best production incentive scheme of 2017-2018, just a few minutes ago. Don’t waste your time sharing and feeling proud to be Indian, get down to business.

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