Peacock, “But Puspa, I hate Tears”

We all know that peacock is the National bird of India. But do you know why??
Nah nah, not because it’s beautiful and it’s multicolored feathers show a unity in diversity, no crap like it.
Peacock is the National bird of India because it is pious!! Pious and a Bramhachari (celibate).
And this comes from a supposedly learned High Court Judge from Rajasthan…Justice Sharma.
According to him, the peacock being a celibate does not need to have Sex with the peahen.
The peahen gets pregnant by drinking the peacock’s tears.
Seriously…. He said that.
I pity the peahen for being in such a sexless bond with her partner where all he wants her to do is swallow his tears all the time.
This is not even like a husband constantly demanding oral sex and giving no satisfaction in return.
I can also imagine a horny peahen wanting a baby from her mate and the bored peacock making excuses by saying, “Sorry Pushpa but I hate tears”
With superior knowledge like this, I am not amazed that they give “misaals” of “Sharma Ji Ka Beta”
Disclaimer: To all those who might think that this is really how peacocks breed, do remember that no one gets pregnant by swallowing. 😝

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  1. Yup, even our national symbols have to be ‘sanskari’. Good thing the tiger is on its way out anyway. The cow can then take over.


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