Sonu Nigam … When You Have Friends Like Abhijeet …. You Dont Need Enemies

Imagine you are sitting in the only fine dine upscale restaurant in the city. Its a great place where the best of the best come over to have a gala time.
A friend of yours is sitting in the same restaurant on a separate table.
Now, your friend starts behaving like a perfect jerk with everyone around him, abusing in a loud voice, making nasty remarks and generally making a perfect ass out of himself.
There are a number of other obnoxious idiots in the restaurant but your friend tops the list and manages to offend almost everyone with his crass and crude attitude.
Numerous patrons complain about him and finally, the restaurant management throws your friend out of the restaurant.
And that’s when you decide to take a stand.
You argue with the restaurant management that your friend shouldn’t have been thrown out and that he was not the only miscreant. But what’s done is done.
Finally, in a huff you decide that if your friend is not going to be allowed in the restaurant you won’t stay there either.
You make a flowery speech about how the restaurant management has been unfair to your friend and how they are discriminatory in general.
You speak out how you will never ever set your foot in the restaurant again and you walk out of the place in a huff, deciding never to come back ever again.
And then next day, your same obnoxious friend comes back and is let into the restaurant……..
Now, if you go back to the restaurant you would have lost your self respect and the friend that you took a stand for is back inside having fun.
How would you feel? No. No. Tell me. How would you feel?
You would feel like the prize idiot of the first order wouldn’t you?
That is exactly how Sonu Nigam would be feeling right now, after taking a stand for the Twitter ban on Abhijeet Bhattacharya and quitting Twitter by making 20 odd tweets about it, and then Abhijeet coming back 😂😂😂
Disclaimer: Standing up for a friend is a good thing but do make sure that the friend that you stand for is not a Low Life Jerk or is not Abhijeet Bhattacharya 😝

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