The Belle versus the Belly….

When I walked into the Indore airport to catch my flight back to Mumbai, it was almost empty. Getting a pick of my choice of seat in the waiting area, I chose the one in the very first row, so that I could check the Flight Screen without having to get up.
I sat there quietly, reading all the important work emails on my mobile (okay I was facebooking but this sounds way better). Just then, I noticed a very pretty girl walk into the waiting area.
She was dressed in a tight jeans and a rather low cut top and I kept sneaking glances through the corner of my eye, as she made her way towards me.
She came closer to me as I kept pretending to look at my phone and plomped herself right in the seat next to mine … I mean, just like that !!!
The entire waiting area was empty !! She could have taken any seat in the whole place and yet she had to sit in the next seat to a bearded, shabby looking MAN !!
Damn this was going to be uncomfortable.
She took out her phone from her bag and started browsing through it, as she sat there besides her, crossing and uncrossing her legs, bending over now and then to take something out of her bag or put something back in.
I got more and more uncomfortable, I shifted in my seat in discomfort trying to avoid even an accidental physical contact with her.
“Why would a Girl come and sit besides a strange MAN, when she could have sat anywhere else !!! COME ON!!”, my mind screamed as I tried to maintain my composure.
This went on for a good 10 minutes. She looking through her mobile, me squirming in my seat getting more and more uncomfortable as the time went by.
My breath was caught in my chest, my ears were burning, my heartbeats had gone up a notch and yet the Girl just sat there nonchalantly.
I desperately looked around trying to figure out what to do, but I couldnt really think of anything, I was about to explode, any moment now.
A good 15 minutes had passed and by now my face had begun to redden and I was almost close to choking with lack of breath, when she suddenly closed her phone.
She got up from the seat, turned to me and gave me a sweet smile. I gave her the best smile I could in the condition that I was, even as the nerves in my forehead were throbbing.
She walked away towards the restaurant her back to me and thats when I heaved a sigh of relief……………….and finally let my tummy out.
Damn it !!! A Man can hold in his tummy only for that much time…. Girls !! Please have a heart 😦 😦
I am going to write to the Travel Insurance companies to cover all sort of health issues that might arise due to holding in one’s stomach for long periods.
Disclaimer: Not all Men are misogynist, some are simply trying to hold their beer bellies in in a hope of getting a second look 😛

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