5 Step Guide To Understand GST … By Modi Ji

Those people who are still confused by GST, I am pretty sure, they haven’t been paying attention to Modi’s GST launch speech.
But nevermind, let me break it down for you.
Modi Ji has explained GST in a very easy manner, during his launch speech. So easy that even a simpleton like me can understand it.
So here you go……

5 things Modi said that helps to Understand GST


1. GST council had 18 meetings, Bhagvad Gita has 18 chapters.

Don’t get worried, this is not a “Gita aur Sita Tax”. This basically means that GST is a philosophy of life that you will all have to follow in future. Its a Vedic form of taxation coming from the mouth of the Krishna of New India, Arun Jaitley. Ofcourse after the 18 chapters of Gita got over, Mahabharat started so any dead bodies found on account of GST would only be the cleaning of evil from our great Nation.


2. Sardar Vallabbhai Patel united all the Kingdoms of India. GST unites all the markets of India.

This is brilliant. So GST is like Sardar Patel. In a few years we should start building a statue of GST. And like how the Sardar Patel statue is being built with metal donated by the people of India, the Statue of GST will be built from the money taxed from the people of India under GST.

3. Albert Einstein had one said that the most difficult thing to understand was Income Tax, wonder what he would have said if he saw the Indian tax system.

This should not be misconstrued in any way. GST does not replace Income Tax. Income tax still stays. So if Albert Einstein did see the Indian tax system he would still be as confused as the rest of the people in India. I am sure after listening to Modi completely missing the significance of Einstein’s statement on Income Tax, all Albert Einstein would have said to Modi was, “Modi Ji Aap Ke Pair Kaha Hain?”

4. The law may say GST is Goods and Services Tax but in reality it’s a Good and Simple Tax.

That’s fine. As it is we Indians don’t care much about what the law says. And it doesn’t matter what you call it. You have to pay it anyways. So as long as it is not “Gau Seva Tax” I don’t think people are going to haggle over its name.

5. It is not an economic reform, it is a social reform

Now you get it? GST has got nothing to do with economics. It is about social reforms. GST will eliminate the social disparity in the country. Previously only the poor were bleeding through their noses, now most of the middle class will too. The difference between the poor and the Middle class will be reduced. Ofcourse the rich will only get richer and drive in their now cheaper SUVs and Luxury cars.
So to sum it up GST is a Vedic Tax, the name of which doesn’t matter, is aimed at social reforms and needs a statue in its Honor. This is highly recommended by Albert Einstein.
And after all this if any of you still have any complaints about the new taxation, then please remember that…… Siachen Mein humare jawan ladh rahe hain……
Disclaimer: There is rumor that the financial year of India will now also be aligned according to the Vedic calender…..Gudi Padva to Gudi Padva, I will give you more information on this as soon as I have a talk with Albert bhai.

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