Bholu Wonders if Liberal Means Anti-Hindu…

Bholu walked into my house with a very serious look on his face.
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, does being Liberal mean being Anti Hindu?
Me: Errr Bholu, where did you get that from?
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, then why don’t Liberals protest when Hindus get lynched in India.
Me: I am not sure what you want to say.
Bholu Bhakt: See Bhai, when the Junaid incident happened all Liberals protested so how come no one is protesting when this West Bengal incident happened?
Me: But almost every Liberal that I know has condemned the violent reactions of the Musanghis.
Bholu Bhakt: Yes Yes. They have condemned. Thats fine. But when the Junaid incident happened there was a huge #NotInMyName protests, how come there is not a similar protest when there is an identical incident concerning a Hindu?
Me: Identical? Hmm Okay. Lets try and find out. What was Junaid’s crime? Just his name right? And what was this Kids crime? He uploaded a derogatory picture with a deliberate intention of offending a certain community. So are these two identical “crimes”?
Bholu Bhakt: No No. That I understand but there are similarities.
Me: Okay lets see about that too. When Junaid was lynched not one Government official spoke against the incident. During the WB incident, not only the State Government but even the Central Government including the Governor were busy backing up and protecting the kid with even paramilitary forces being sent in.
Bholu Bhakt: Yes yes that’s true but the people….
Me: Sure lets talk about the people too. During the Junaid incident not a single Hindu Organisation spoke against the Lynching. All the self proclaimed torch bearers of Hindu Religion took a maun wrat and slunk into a corner. During the WB incident the leaders of the Muslim community were busy asking people of their community to maintain peace on and off social media.
Bholu Bhakt: Yes, but still, both were kids…
Me: Not were. Junaid WAS. This WB guy still is…Junaid is dead, this kid is very much alive and under Govt protection.
Bholu Bhakt: That is such a Muslim appeasement statement Bhai, do you wish this kid was dead too?
Me: No Bholu, I wish Junaid was alive…..
Bholu Bhakt (after thinking a bit): Chalo jaane do Bhai, I hope all this will be sorted out now that GST has come in.
Me: GST? Now what does GST have to do with all this? This has nothing to do with the Economy.
Bholu Bhakt: Uff Bhai, GST is a social reform, not an economical reform, Modi Ji himself said that.
Me: *Facepalm*
Disclaimer: It is delightful to see people adding the “Liberals are Anti Hindu” to the “Hindu Khatre Mein Hain” jargon. But it is even more heartening to see people think that GST will solve all their problems… In the same way Demonetization solved the problems of Terrorism, Black Money and Corruption.

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