So You Want Me To Protest Against the Amarnath Terrorist Attacks …. but….

Okay !!! Okay !!! I Give Up !!
Succumbing to the huge pressure from the “right” sides of the fence, I have decided to protest with a #NotInMyName banner against the dastardly Terrorist attacks on the Amarnath Pilgrims.
But I am slightly confused here. I am not sure whom I have to protest against.
Should I be protesting against the Terrorists?? Since, when did Terrorist start listening to Citizen’s protests? Do you think if USA would have stood with banners in their hands against Osama Bin Laden, after he blew up the World Trade Center, that Osama would have had a change of heart and wept in shame and given himself up?? So there is no point in appealing to the conscience of the Terrorists, is there? Because Terrorists dont really have a conscience.

So, can I protest against Ajit Doval? After all, there was specific intel available, which advised the Security Chief about expecting attacks on Amarnath pilgrims. Perhaps I can protest against Doval for completely ignoring these intel reports?

Or maybe I can protest against the Tourists? Despite knowing that it was a dangerous area, they came all the way from Gujarat, did not register their bus with the Shrine authorities, did not join the main convoy as every other bus, and decided to make the trip after restricted hours. But then whats the point of protesting against someone who is no longer alive.
How about I protest against the CRPF and the Security authorities in that area? After all, they did allow a bus to go on that road without taking proper security measures. Or atleast, allowed the Tourists to flaunt the security protocol which had been set up for their own safety. But then again, whats the point of protesting against those very Security forces who are living in a constant danger of their lives and bravely facing the Terrorists, day in and day out?
Hey !! Maybe I can protest against the JnK Government. After all the new PDP+BJP Government in JnK were elected on the very platform that they will bring peace to the valley. And at the moment, we are moving quite in the opposite direction. Also, if the Government is to be held responsible for the lack of security leading to deaths, in their State, then BJP and PDP is very much responsible. But then again, the very people who want me to protest might not be very happy if I protest against BJP, right?

So, here I am…..standing with the “Not In My Name” banner in my hand, trying to figure out who is the one I should be protesting against. If anyone can help me find an answer to it, I am ready to join him in his protest.

Oh, forget it, let me protest against Nehru, who is the main reason for all this. And let me protest against Babur and Akbar, the bloody invaders, who are the Grandfathers of all these screw ups.
Also, let me protest against Rahul Gandhi, because, WHY WAS HE EATING A PIZZA WHEN THIS WAS HAPPENING???
And for the record, Arvind Kejriwal should resign …. just for the heck of it.
Disclaimer: The Amarnath Terrorist attack was yet another cowardly act by the Terrorists. I condemn it unequivocally and urge the Government of India, to beef up (no pun intended) the security for the Amarnath Yatra to provide safe passage to the Pilgrims. My heartfelt sympathies lie with the families of those people who lost their lives in this attack. May your life not have been lost in vain.

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