These 3 Men will lead India to become the next Universal Superpower and Nothing can stop us now……

With the new Team India being set up, I think we are finally going to move in the direction of making India into a Superpower.

Not only will India, be a Superpower in terms of Economy but will lead the world in terms of Environment and Science too.

I mean, look at the new Team India, which is nearly confirmed.

Leading the field of Science, we will have Shri Shri Ramnath Kovind, who is almost about to sit on the President’s chair. The man who said, “Islam and Christianity are Alien to the nation”.

While the Americans, who consider themselves to be the leaders in technology and science (bah!), are still busy making movies about Aliens, Kovind ji has actually gone ahead and established their existence on our own land.

With such huge developments in Outer Space research, it is but a matter of time that India would be the torch bearers for the whole world.

In the field of Economy, we have Shri Shri Shri Venkaiah Naidu. Just a few months back he had very deftly shown his knowledge of Economy when he said, “No body pays Tax from their own pocket.”

Haters will hate, but most people will actually appreciate the Economic sense of Mr. Naidu which seems to be derived from the concept of making Tax from thin air. With ideas and concepts like these, I am sure India will soon beat America and Japan in Economic stability. And China?? Hah!! We will slap them once and then run around the world in a complete circle and kick them in their butts again, in the competition of “Who is the biggest growing Economy of the world!”

And last but not the least, we have Shri Shri Shri Shri, Mahatma, God’s Avatar, Kalaki Avatar, Desh Ka Beta, Hindu Hriday Samarat, Pradhan Sevak, Narendra Modi Ji, who is just 9 titles short of beating Roger Federer of his record, give or take a few in case I have missed any.

He is the pioneer of the Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan. No, this is not a program to manufacture Swiss Company watches in India under the tremendously successful “Make In India” program (hope you remember it). This is actually a program which was invented by Modi ji for cleaning up India, under which millions of rupees has been spent till now in advertisements and now the Clean India that we live in is all thanks to this program.

Ofcourse, haters like Kunal Kamra will continue to claim that the “Goo” (shit) outside his house has not been cleaned up, but thats a one off case and one cant blame Modi ji for that. One has to blame the dog who continues to defy Modi Ji’s orders of not defecating in open spaces.

And finally, it was Modi Ji who has very deftly explained the concept of Climate Change to us. “Climate is not changing. The people are changing”. Wise words indeed from a much wiser man.

While the world is busy looking for carbon emissions and whatnots, we already know how to deal with the effects of Climate Change….. Stop changing ourselves !!! If this isnt sheer brilliance, I dont know what is.

So, with this 3 person Team India, which will be soon leading our Nation, there is no doubt that our Country will progress beyond the abilities of any other Nation. Infact, I have a strong feeling that in the next two years, India might very well be a Universal Superpower rather than just being restricted to the World. Yes !!! Just like we were a Universal Superpower 7000 years back, during the Vedic Era.

Disclaimer: I know most people will not agree with my views in this post, but as I said, haters will be haters. You just hate Modi so much that you cant see any good that he is doing…..and for you haters, I can say only one thing… Go fly a Pushpak !!!

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