Bholu and Masoom Mureed Have a Fight Over “Woman’s Choice”….

I walked into Bholu Bhakt’s house to find Bholu and our common friend Masoom Mureed in a heated discussion.
As soon as I entered, Masoom’s eyes lit up.
Me: Hey Masoom, long time no see?
Masoom Mureed: Bhai, good you came. Tell this Bholu to shut up.
Me: About what? Let me atleast understand what you both are fighting about.
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, you heard about the Model Khulood who got arrested in Riyadh because she was walking around in a fort wearing a mini skirt right?
Me: Yes, I heard about that.
Bholu Bhakt: Isnt it wrong?
Masoom Mureed: How is it wrong? Saudi Arabia has its own laws. People should follow those laws.
Bholu Bhakt: Yeah right !! So why do you crib when France bans Burkha. Its the law of France, you should follow the law of the land there too.
Masoon Mureed: But people should have a choice to what they wear, no? How can they ban a particular dress code based on religion.
Bholu Bhakt: So why is Saudi Arabia banning a choice of dress code? Isnt wearing a Mini skirt the choice of that girl too. Why is she arrested?
Masoon Mureed: Hah !! I am happy she got arrested. No one should be allowed to walk around in a Mini skirt in a holy place.
Me: But Masoom, wasnt she walking around in a Fort? How does a Fort become a religious place? And you have to make up your mind. Are you against banning a particular dress code irrespective of what the law of the land says? Or are you talking about following the law of the land.
Masoon Mureed: But Bhai …. 😦
Bholu Bhakt: Hah !!! There you go Masoom. You people just want to oppress your women. You are quite okay when someone else is oppressed. But when you are oppressed you cry foul and scream about Rights and Liberties !! You guys are bloody hypocrites.
I looked at Bholu with admiration in my eyes. Perhaps for the first time he was making some sense.
Just then Durga Vahini, Bholu’s wife, walked into the room from the kitchen.
Durga Vahini: Bhaisaab, would you like to have some tea?
I nodded as I watched her carefully adjusting her ghunghat over her face to cover her chin which had dared to poke out from below.
Disclaimer: Sanghis and Musanghis are brothers from different mothers. They love to talk about the bad aspects of each other’s religions, but when it comes to their own, they see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Or in short….”Tera Kutta Kutta, Mera Kutta Tommy”

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  1. ”Tera Kutta Kutta, Mera Kutta Tommy” 😀 😀


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