My Wife Was Hiding Something From Me….. And I Had To Find Out What !!!

For the past few days, my wife had been acting weird. She had suddenly become very secretive.
She was definitely hiding something from me, and I had noticed this.
Asking her casual questions about, how everything was going, only got me an, “Everything is okay” from her.
But her actions did not live up to her words. She had begun to avoid making eye contact with me. Also, she had started paying special attention to her wardrobe.

A wardrobe which always kept bursting at its hinges with clothes she never wore and yet didnt have enough of, was suddenly kept locked.

So whatever it was, she was hiding, she was hiding it in the wardrobe. That I was 100% sure of.
The problem was, I could not open the wardrobe since it was locked now and I didnt have anything kept in her wardrobe to ask her for the keys and open it up.
She had even started locking the door of the room, keeping me out of it, whenever she wanted to open her wardrobe.
Finally, frustrated, I decided to take the bull by the horns …… or the cow by her hump, whatever….
I confronted my wife and accused her that she was hiding something.
She vehemently denied everything with the most innocent look on her face. But by then I had lost it.

“I want to see what is in your wardrobe. Whatever it is that you are hiding, it doesnt matter. But I have to see it !!!!”

So, saying, I snatched the keys to her wardrobe from her and ran inside the room. She ran behind me, trying to stop me. But I was not having any of it.
I hastily opened her wardrobe, my head bursting at the thought of what I would find inside …..
And Three Red Juicy Tomatoes rolled out and fell to the floor.
Disclaimer: The strategy of making tomatoes so expensive is a Masterstroke by the Government. Now no one can even think of throwing those at them the next time they make those fake promises. 

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