Modi Ji …. I am Sad And Disappointed (A Letter)

Dear Friends,
I am very sad today. Very very sad. So sad that even disappointment is sad for me.
And this is all because of Modi Ji, whom I respect and adore. And for whose long life I pray to all the Gods I have ever come across.
When Modi Ji, as a CM, said those words about showing “Laal Laal Ankhen” to our enemies by giving “Unhi ki bhasha mein jawaab” to them, I had almost wet my pants with happiness.
Okay not almost, it did happen, but I dont openly accept it.
But like “Khushi ke ansoon” it was “Khushi ki susu” so I am not ashamed of it.
Ever since that day I have followed every roar of the Gujarat lion, who takes his inspiration from the Gujarat donkey. I have never found the combination of a lion and a donkey in one person to this extent, elsewhere.
I have voted for Modi Ji in all elections, whether it was the Prime Minister election, the Municipal Corporation elections or our Society’s General Body election.
Whenever Modi Ji said “Mitroooonn” my heart swelled with pride. Even though the last time he said “Mitron” I had to stand in the ATM line for 6 hours everyday…… but I thought “Siachen Mein Humare Jawaan Khade hain…” so its cool.
Whenever Modi Ji said “Bhaiyo Aur Beheno”, I respectfully stopped looking at my wife from “THAT” angle. Even though the last time he said “Bhaiyo Aur Beheno” I spent my full time changing my Tax structure and lost a lot of business in that process. But I thought, “Economy rehne do, this is a social reform, so its good for the society”…. so its cool.
I even started referring to my Friends and Family as “Mitron, Bhaiyo aur Beheno” though my wife used to get quite upset whenever I said, “Bhaiyo Aur Beheno, Chai lao”
I knew that whatever steps Modi Ji is taking is good for the country and his Laal Laal Ankhen and Unhi Ki Bhasha Mein Jawaab words kept ringing in my ears reminding me of he being the bravest man in India.
So, when China started taking Tourist expeditions inside the Indian border, without Visa, I spent a full week rubbing Patanjali Dantkanti toothpaste in my eyes to get the Red Eye effect for showing Laal Laal Ankhen.
I also learnt a few Chinese sounding terms like “Hindi to Chini Bye Bye” and “Chini Maa nu Dhoklo”.
And when I was ready, I went to my nearest Chinese Fast Food center, caught hold of that chinki looking chotu by his collar and was about to blast at him, when he showed me the Newspaper.
Yes, that same newspaper which quoted Modi Ji saying, “Dialogue is the ONLY WAY to resolve conflicts”.
Dialogue !!! No Laal Laal Ankhen…. No Unhi Ki Bhasha Mein Jawaab !!! 😦 😦
You can never understand the hurt I have felt after seeing this. I had to let go of Chotu’s collar and humbly eat my Hakka Noodles (veg ofcourse) sitting in one corner.
After such a deep hurt and sadness, I am not able to face the world or even look in the mirror. Maybe its because the toothpaste in my eyes sting a bit …. I will recover from that …. but how will I recover from this disappointment??
Modi Ji …. please answer me……
Yours Still Lovingly,
Bholu Bhakt
Disclaimer: This letter was found on the desk of Bholu Bhakt with a copy of Times of India rolled up in the perfect shape of a toilet paper.

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