Ramveer Bhatti says, “Parents shouldnt allow kids to roam at night” and I absolutely agree with him……

I wonder why people are making such a hue and cry about the statement made by Ramveer Bhatti, the Deputy, of the BJP Chief of Haryana whose son was stalking a girl in the middle of the night. What he has said makes perfect sense…….
I hope you have all read about the stalking case of the Chandigarh girl, Varnika Kundu, the daughter of an IAS officer, who was stalked by Vikas Barala the 23 year old son of Haryana BJP Chief Subhash Barala.
People have been talking about the horrors the girl might have faced when she was stalked, stopped in the middle of the road and scared out of her wits by Vikas Barala and his friend, in the late hours of the night.
Though Subhash Barala and his son, Vikas, have been unavailable for comment, Mr. Barala’s deputy Ramveer Bhatti has made a statement to the Media.
Ramveer Bhatti says, “Parents must take care of their children…..they shouldnt allow them to roam at night. Children should come home on time, why stay out at night?”
And I totally agree with him on this !!!
Why was Vikas Barala out at night?? Why didnt he come home on time?? Why did Subhash Barala not take care of his child?? Why did Subhash allow his son Vikas to roam around at night??
All people should take a lesson from this incident and make sure that their Sons come back home on time and not do matargasti out on the roads, flashing their Dad’s car, money and power.
And if those Sons dont listen to you, give them one tight slap. If Subhash ji had given Vikas one tight slap at the right time, do you think this would have happened?
Please keep your Sons at home in the night ….. our daughters deserve to stay safe as they take the world to newer heights !!!
Disclaimer: “Beti Bachao” campaign does not mean our Betis should run on the streets shouting “Bachao Bachao” and I hope “Sabka Vikaas” aisa nahi hain 😛

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