Bholu Takes “Na Gaali Se Na Goli Se” a bit too Seriously….

Bholu Bhakt ran into my office sweat seeping out from pores he never knew existed ……
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai Bhai Bhai Bhai ….
Me: Bholu !!! You are always in such a rush…..what happened?
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai I think I am in trouble …
Me: Think?? You are always in trouble. Tell me what happened.
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, you know that cute Kashmiri girl we have in my office?
Me: Ummm, Yes. I think so.
Bholu Bhakt: The one with those red red apple like cheeks … the one with the skin like the Mountains of Himalayas ….. Indian side wala, not the Pakistani side ….
Me: Okay Okay, what about her?
Bholu Bhakt: Well, we had to make a presentation to the client today in the afternoon and she was given the job of getting the Power Point file ready. She came to me in the morning and she had completely destroyed the presentation….
Me: Okay so……?
Bholu Bhakt: So I got totally pissed, it took me every bit of my patience to stop myself from screaming at her.
Me: Thats admirable…..
Bholu Bhakt: Finally, I got up from my seat, walked across the table …… and gave her a BIG HUG !!!
Me: You did WHAT !!! Why??
Bholu Bhakt: Because yesterday only Modi Ji said about Kashmiris na … “Na goli se na gaali se, Samasya suljhegi gale lagane se.”
Me: So Samasya Suljhi??
Bholu Bhakt: Not sure Bhai, but at the moment, the presentation is still screwed up, the client is hopping mad, someone told my wife that I was hugging random women and she is pissed at me, and I am being sued for Sexual Harassment…….Now, I need your help…..
Me: Bholu, only Modi Ji can help you out of this mess……
Disclaimer: Jhumlas are subject to legal risks, please refer the fine print before following them blindly.

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