Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to be disbanded and replaced by Archaeoillogical Survey of Sangh (ASS) due its declaration of Taj Mahal as a Tomb and not as a Shiva Temple !!

The Archaeological Survey of India has openly declared in an extensive report that Taj Mahal was never a Tejo Mahalya. As per the report presented by them, no evidence could be found that a Shiva Temple existed in the place of Taj Mahal.
On reading this report a certain unnamed Minister slapped the Survey presenter so hard in Delhi, that the “Thappad ki goonj” was heard all the way in Nagpur.
My Drunk Sources, who were peacefully sleeping in their drunk stupor, under a Coconut Tree or Palm or whatever it is called these days, were shaken out of their slumber by this “Goonj”

They immediately investigated the situation in their usual indepth manner and came across Sambit Patra who was trying to fit his flat graduation hat on the top of his head in the front of the mirror.

“This just doesnt fit….I am not sure if the hat has become smaller or my head has become bigger”, he said.
“But anyways, this report submitted by The Archaeological Survey of India is absolute rubbish. They have no business submitting reports which messes with our rich Vedic history. If we say there was a Shiv Temple, there was a Shiv Temple. Tejo Mahalya became Taj Mahal. Akbar and Babur were invaders !!! We have to accept this. WE HAVE TO!”, he screamed as my Drunk Sources beat a hasty retreat.
“The Archaeological Survey of India is an organization that needs a complete overhaul. These people actually go to the site and form their opinions, when all the information is easily available on Postcard and Shankhnaad”, said an obviously flustered Smriti Irani.

“I have recommended to Modi Ji, to immediately disband The Archaeological Survey of India (The ASI) and replace it with The Archaeoillogical Survey of Sangh (The ASS). I have also proposed that this survey body is led by Dr. Subramanian Swamy and has Dr. Rakesh Sinha as its spokes person”, Smriti Irani was heard mumbling, as she gnawed on the tip on her FabIndia saree, while looking at the CCTV outside her office door.

At the time my Drunk Sources submitted this report, it was not clear if such an official request was actually made. But they were of the opinion that there would be some major changes in the current Archaeological body in one way or the other.
Disclaimer: All the facts and incidences in this report are absolutely authentic. They are as authentic as an Old Monk Rum in a Captain Morgan bottle. For any discrepancies of contradictory reports found please feel free to contact us on our official address

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