Kudos to Those Who Fought the “Jhootha Sauda”

This week has been really good as far as the Judiciary of India goes.
While the 3T verdict and the #RightToPrivacy verdicts were both generic verdicts of sorts, they were no doubt battles well fought by people with no backing and won truly and fairly.
But the current verdict on the Gurmeet Ram Rahim rape case instills a new faith in the Judiciary of the Country.
In a place like India, where “Law Takes Its Own Course” whenever it involves a powerful person, one can almost expect that every Rich and Well Connected person will go scot free.
So, it was a surprise to me that Ram Rahim got convicted. A very pleasant surprise.
Not that I was gunning for his conviction. I was actually looking forward to his next blockbuster “Messenger Of God” movie getting him the Dada Saheb Phalke Award, but anyways……

This verdict not only showed that a Man with Lakhs of followers, a private Army of his own, who was visited by Ministers, irrespective of which party they belonged to and by Celebrities irrespective of their profession, just to seek his blessings can actually be convicted in India.

I would like to give a big shout to everyone who were involved in fighting this battle.
The 2 Women who stood against countless others to seek justice.
Journalist Ram Chander Chatrapati who was shot to death because of his expose against the self proclaimed God Man.
The witnesses who stood by their testimony despite the pressures they might have faced from various quarters.
Anurag Tripathi, who along with his colleague Etmad A Khan who broke out the sting against Ram Rahim way back in 2007 and is still actively exposing the reality of the “Zabardasti Love Charger”.
Utsav Bains, the lawyer who stood strongly by the rape survivors and ensured that they got justice.

And last but not the least, Judge Jagdeep Singh, the High Court judge who saw the evidence in the front of him and gave a verdict of conviction. One can imagine the amount of pressure on the Judge who stood his ground and made a decision which he thought was fair as per the law.

You people are People are Honor !!!! Not the Politicians who lick up to the Babas for their votebanks.
You are the people who make people like me proud of India. Proud of You.
Kudos to all of you for restoring my faith in Democracy and Justice in India.
Its not such a lost cause after all and this gives many like me the courage to keep raising our voices against the wrongs that are happening around us.
Disclaimer: If I have missed appreciating anyone who has been related to this case, my humble apologies to them. And Sakshi Maharaj, just because lakhs of people support a person, it doesnt make him less of a criminal than what he is. Law does not work as per EVM voting system

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