I Write…. Not Because I hate Modi … But Because I Love India.

The other day I wrote a post about Jayant Sinha being pitted against his own Father Yashwant Sinha and a Gentleman who’s affiliation to BJP is known to me, came and commented on it saying, “Dushman ka Dushman Dost ho gaya :p” (Enemy of an enemy has become your friend)

This is not a one off case. I have often had people (friends in real life too) who have come on my posts which go against the current dispensation and abuse me or try to show me down. As if they have a Khandaani Dushmani with me, or maybe they feel I have offended their own Father by my posts.

*Sigh* I pity such a narrow minded thought process.
My dear friends, there is no “Dushmani” here.
Do you guys really think that the failures of Modi makes me happy? That I sit and cheer when I see Modi or his cronies failing?
NO !!
When I see the Prime Minister of India failing, I see India failing. This does not make me happy. It makes me sad and worried. I write because I am concerned, not because I want to gloat over someone.
When I see 150 plus people dying in queues because of one irrational move by Modi, its my friends who are lined up there and dying. Its not something that makes me cheer.
When I see the Business sectors, the traders, the small entrepreuners, the service class people, the laborers struggling to make ends meet in the downtrend, I dont get myself popcorn and enjoy the show.
Whether it is Sikhs being killed or Muslims being killed or even the Pandits being ousted from their homes, these are my fellowmen who are dying. Its not something to feel elated about.
When I see the TN farmers eating their own excreta, I dont feel jubiliated. I feel alarmed that the PM doesnt even have the time to meet them.

When I see an Akhlaq being lynched and the lyncher’s dead body being honored like a martyr with a National Flag covering it, I am not jumping up and down with joy. I see a person who does not speak up for what is right and encourages such scums of humanity with his silence.

I do not speak FOR or AGAINST Modi or BJP or Congress or AAP or any of the other 100 Political parties that India has.
I speak FOR India and AGAINST every thing that goes against the idea of a Secular Democratic Nation that our forefathers wanted to nurture.
And thats what you all should do too.
Put your nation first, rather than any single person or a political party.

Political Leaders are chosen by us, amongst ourselves to serve the Nation. To ensure that the Nation prospers.

They are humans too. They make mistakes, sometimes little ones and sometimes grave errors.
There is no reason to put them above everything. There is no reason to have a Party affiliation. There is no reason to idolize any particular person as a God.
If they are not working for the betterment of the Country, they should be removed, irrespective of which Political Party they belong to.
If they are running the Country down the drain, trust me, it will not be only me who goes down with it. Each one of us will.

If there are riots in the country due to acute polarisation, it will not be only me who will be affected, we will all be affected by it. They wont ask us which party we support when we they torch our homes and take our lives.

“Lagegi Aag To Aayenge Ghar Kayi Zad Main
Yahan Pe Sirf Hamara Makaan Thodi Hai”
Now, if you understand this, you will understand why I speak what I speak, why I write what I write. If you dont understand this, you can continue to believe that I have a personal grudge against Modi, for some unfathomable reason and that I go about making friends with people who are his enemies.
Yes, you can continue to believe this and I will continue to pity your narrow mindset.
And yet, even you wont be my enemy. You will just be another misguided Indian who has been brainwashed by political propaganda, a marketing gimmic to gain votes, and I will continue to write in an attempt to try and open your eyes and make independent thinkers out of you.

I might manage to alienate many friends in this process because of their own political affiliations or their idolization of one particular person, I know I already have, but I will keep writing.

Not because I hate Modi ….. but because I Love India.
Disclaimer: This post is not meant to offend anyone. Do try and read it with an open mind. It doesnt matter if you agree with it or disagree with it, what matters is you atleast think about it. 🙂

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