Bholu Is On The Track

So the other day me and Bholu decided to for a trek up a nearby hill.
We packed up everything we needed for the trek in our backpacks and drove our way to the bottom of the hill.
The hill was not too high but it was not an easy climb either.
There were two pathways leading up to the top.
On the left was a regular walkway, with a rough winding path, going slowly up the hill. There were not many steep climbs there though it seemed like an extensively long walk for the size of the hill.
On the right was a steep climb. It was definitely shorter but it was very rocky.
Bholu and Me stood under the hill looking at the two tracks.
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, lets take the right wala track. We will reach up quickly.
Me: Bholu, lets take the left track. Its easy.
Bholu Bhakt: But Bhai, the right track will take us up quickly na !!
Me: Agreed, but it is also difficult. We are not expert trekkers, so we might fall. Atleast by the left track we will reach the top for sure.
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, with the right track also we will reach the top and we will get there so quickly
Me: Yeah, but we are not in a hurry. We have all the day to reach to the top. Also look at those rocks !! Thats almost 20 feet. How do you plan to jump up those 20 feet rocks without even a rope?
Bholu Bhakt: Uff Bhai, when we reach that place we will see what is to be done. Right now lets start walking.
Me: But Bholu, we will also have to do some rock climbing there and frankly, we are neither equipped to do that, nor are we fit enough for it.
Bholu Bhakt: Bhai, I am taking the right path. Buss !! I have decided. You go on the left path. See you at the top.
Me: Okay…You should actually come with me… but suit yourself.
So, we started. Bholu hopped, skipped and jumped on the right track as I slowly started walking on the left track.
Just a few minutes up the path, I heard a loud bang, a dull thud and a half scream, hastily muffled.
Fearing the worst, I quickly ran down the path towards the right track which Bholu had taken.
And Lo Behold there was Bholu plomped on his butt on the ground back where he had started. His head had cracked up and I had serious doubts if he would be able to walk for a few days, with that rapidly swelling ankle of his, while his hand definitely looked like it had fractured.
Me: Bholu….errr…..did you just fall down?
Bholu Bhakt: No No !!! I just slipped. Those rocks are a bit higher than I thought, but I have everything under control.
Me: Didnt I tell you to come with me on the left track
Bholu Bhakt: Hah !! So what if I fell? I am still on the Track, am I not??
Me: *Facepalm*
Disclaimer: This story is absolutely unrelated to Modi claiming that the “Economy is on Track” despite the clear numbers indicating otherwise. This is also a declaration that I am not a pessimist and I dont need to be “recognised”. Any reference to “Right” and “Left” is a mere coincidence

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