The “Molestation” During The Elphinstone Stampede…Stop Fabricating Outrage

Even before the outrage over the Elphinstone road stampede was over, there was another outrage, that of a woman being molested amidst the ruckus which was being caused.
I am not sure how many of you actually saw the video, but most people I came across had simply relied on the headlines and were busy shooting their mouths off about how this was “Shameful for Mumbai”, “Shameful for India” and “Shameful for Humanity” ….. it is a small relief that they did not extend the shame to the entire universe 😉
The first thing that I did, however, was to check the video.
The video was posted by Vedika Chaubey, who is a News Reporter. And according to her the guy in the white Tshirt who is hanging on the side of the bridge, trying to lift people up is molesting that lady in black clothes.
Watch it and make what you will of it, yourself.
From the video, at the first glance, and without looking at the Caption Ms. Chaubey has posted, it appeared to me that the guy was there trying to support people who were falling down like a pack of cards. His hand touched the lady for maybe a few seconds.
If that was a molestation, that was the quickest grope I have ever seen in my life.
And it would take a rather weird minded person to be hanging on the railing of a bridge, with a live stampede going on and then feeling a Woman for less than 2 seconds.
Sorry, but I dont buy that, atleast from the visuals that I see. Do you??
Btw, here is the full video which shows the same guy hanging on the railing clearly attempting to help as much as he can in the chaos (some images may be disturbing)
I am not sure the reason why Ms. Chaubey thought the guy was molesting the Lady for 2 seconds, but whatever those reasons are, let me tell you guys one thing.
Yes, molestation should be outraged about, but not all “touches” are an attempt to molest. And such “created outrages” are allowed to fester, there will be a time when a Man would be very wary about helping a woman out.
Infact, right now I am wondering, if I see a woman fall down a ditch in the front of my eyes, should I grab her in an attempt to save her, or should I just keep my hands to myself, just in case someone takes a video of me “touching” the lady “inappropriately” and then have a huge shame campaign all over the Social Media?
Stop Fabricating Outrage ……. Or People will Stop helping !!!!
Disclaimer: Guys, grabbing a woman’s butt or pushing your elbow aganst her breast, in a bus or a train, in an attempt to *ahem* steady yourself, is still considered as molestation. So keep your hands to yourself, unless you are trying to save a life.

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