When You Think You Can Hide A Car Under a Handkerchief…..Wah Taj !

My younger son must have been around 2 years when his older brother, 6 yrs, got himself gifted one of those electric car.
You know, the ones which you can recharge and sit in them and drive around? The smaller ones, I mean, not Reva 😛
The older one was quite possesive about his prized car and used to speed around in it all over the house, driving over our legs and having a blast at the expense of my crushed toes.
Now, the older one used to share all his toys with the younger dude, who was quick to show his inborn Engineering talents and take them apart within moments of getting his hands on them.
Naturally the older one did not allow the younger one to drive his car. Infact he did not even allow him to touch it.
If the younger one got near the car he would get a nice spanking from the older one until one of us parents had to pull them apart.
Furious, at not being allowed to stake his “rightful” claim on the car, the younger one, devised a new plan.
He took is tiny little handkerchief and spread it over the car.
He managed to cover not even 10% of the car but he figured that he had hid the car.
He sat in the corner as he watched the older one come home from school, grinning at the thought of his brother going crazy at not finding the car, he had so carefully “hidden”.
Ofcourse the older one found the car, he tossed the handkerchief aside, sat in the car and went along with his maniac driving, much to the dismay of his younger brother.
I am not sure, till date, what made the Younger dude think that he would be able to use a handkerchief to hide a car which was atleast 10 times bigger than it, and why he thought no one would be able to see it.
Never figured that reasoning behind that logic, till yesterday, when Yogi Adityanath released the list of Tourist places in UP and did not include the name of Taj Mahal in it.
As if the tourists from all over the world would never go to visit one of the Wonders of the World, because Yogi did not include it in the UP Tourist list 😛
Disclaimer: Any resemblance of my son with Yogi Adityanath stopped when my Son became 1 year old and started getting hair on his head.

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