“If you let Narendra Modi fail now, no PM will dare to fight corruption for 100 years”—- Yeah Right …

“If you let Narendra Modi fail now, no PM will dare to fight corruption for 100 years” — says the latest BJP election campaign in Gujarat.

Ye sunke mere to aankhon mein aansoo aa gaye….
I mean, seriously, for a brief moment, I had vivid images of Modi wearing a Saffron cape with a Bow and Arrow in his hand, standing with his 56 inch chest puffed up, fighting the black demons of corruption.
Then these images turned of Modi and Amit Shah doing a Chai pe Charcha with Jay Shah, as Modi randomly threw arrows (he cant shoot them we all know that) at Pidi Gandhi who was jumping up and down as Rahul Gandhi sat back grinning from ear to ear.
But, forget the images I was having, I just wanted to tell you how effective this campaign was.
Why, just last month, Transparency International, the Global Corruption Watchdog had ranked India as the Most Corrupt Nation in Asia.

A list released by Forbes also mentioned that India has a 69% bribery rate which is the “best” bribery rate in Asia. The good part is that we beat Pakistan (our benchmark in this) by a good margin as the bribery rate there is only 40%. We have a 29% lead on them …. Yayyy.

But leave these Watchdogs for a better. We hate dogs as any other Pidi or a puppy that comes under the car. Lets talk about ground realities in India.
How many high profile arrests have been made in the past three years related to Scams and Corruption?
What happened to the Mascot of Corruption for Congress….. Robert Vadra? Is he behind the bars yet, as promised?
How about the Congress leaders who jumped shipped and joined BJP, and were welcomed with open arms along with the corruption charges they had on themselves?

So what exactly has Modi done to fight Corruption in the past 3 years?


Any updates on the Coal Import Scams or the Power Equipment Import scam, in both of which Adani is allegedly involved?

When I was a kid, I used to stick a comic book inside my Science Textbook and whenever my Mom used to tell me to do some random errand in the house, I used to claim I was studying.
My mom used to think I was studying. But when the results of the Exams came in, everyone had a tough time wondering what had happened.
Modi’s fight against corruption reminds me of exactly this.
When the results of this Anti Corruption fight come to light, one wonders what exactly happened.
Meanwhile, the people of Gujarat who are watching this BJP propaganda, should ask themselves one simple question:

Gujarat being a dry state, how is alcohol so freely available in the State (right from the time Modi was the CM) …. was Modi incompetent to stop the alcohol black marketing or was there a huge amount of corruption? Pick one of the two answers and you will know whom to vote for in the upcoming state elections.

Disclaimer: Personally I would be pretty happy if no other PM dares to fight corruption in India, the way Modi has fought it. Probably then we can see an improvement in the Corruption Ranking of India and a reduction in the Bribery percentage.

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