Mandir Masjid and Justice

Let’s build a school there.
Let’s have a hospital there.
Let’s have a University there.
HELL NO !!!!
India was formed in 1947 when the Laws of India as a sovereign republic came into force.
What has or has not happened 100s of years before that has no bearing on anything in Free India.
If someone comes and breaks down your house today because 2000 years ago his Grandfather had a Temple or a Mosque there would that be fair? Would that be justice?
There was a Babri Masjid in Ayodhya which was broken down by a bunch of rioting goons on 6th Dec 1992
The only justice in this case would be that the Babri Masjid structure is restored to its original condition and the hooligans are made to pay for all the damages caused including the damages caused by further rioting.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
All the schools, hospitals or universities can be talked about AFTER JUSTICE IS DONE.
Anything less than this will not be justice in my view.
Disclaimer: I am neither fond of Mandirs nor fond of Masjids. But Justice is definitely something I am fond of.

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